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In Russia when there is an illegal content on a web page, the entire website gets blocked. Wikipedia was added to the banned register because of the entry on a form of cannabis. In Russia, information about drug use is prohibited by law. And so they had no other choice but to block the entire… Read More


Have you ever heard of the “right to be forgotten”? Do you know what this expression stands for? Well, if you do not, let me explain. The law of European Union is meant to remove links from Google with irrelevant or outdated information about persons. However, whenever Google does that, it adds a story about… Read More


YouTube will change in UK. You will no longer be able to watch all the videos. Well, at least not without content warning. So before a video will be published, it will be sent to BBFC and then to YouTube and Vevo. The classification of the video will be in its description. However, if the… Read More


Facebook decided that now is the right time to focus on the security of its users´ accounts. So it came up with Security Checkup Tool. Which should make it easier for users to use security setting available on Facebook. How does this tool work? It uses three steps which should help secure your account. In… Read More


Some of you have probably been waiting for this day for way too long while others have probably completely forgotten about it! But it is here! The day has arrived. The new Windows is out today! And you can all download it! Well, supposing you are from one of the 190 countries in which it… Read More


However, only in UK. But it is still great that instead of having to get out of your car you can simply scan a giant barcode with an app and pay with your PayPal account. Sounds easy, right? And it is all thanks to PayPal-powered app called Fill Up & Go. What you need for… Read More


Windows 10 has a lot to offer. That is for sure. Everyone is excited when it finally comes out and replaces all the older versions that we are struggling with now. Everyday we hear something new about Windows 10 which makes us only more eager to have it at home. However, while we are all… Read More


Depression is not an uncommon disease. And it is no wonder, with more and more people living in the huge cities alone. And apparently even all the technologies that we are using only support this diagnosis. The stress, the pressure and the tempo of our lifestyle is what causes depression. Luckily, once identified, there is… Read More


The InStyler line of products takes the work out of curling and styling your hair. The products are designed like a flat iron, but instead of the iron plates, it has a curling element barrel on one side and a brush on the other. Smooth and consistent look It is pure genius and joy for… Read More


The Haze Vape is one of Haze Technologies’ portable vaporizer that has been making the rounds online. It is considered as one of the very first dual-bowl vapes that offers both convection and conduction heating methods especially for dry herbs. In addition to which, it can also vaporize e-liquids and concentrates, making it a perfect… Read More